Production Music explained

Production Music (or Library Music) is music specifically written for inclusion in audio and audio-visual productions (TV programmes, advertisements, video productions and film for example).

How much will it cost me ?

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All UK prices are listed on the MCPS pdf rate card, click here to view and save.

Blanket licences UK

Launched on the 1st October 2008, unlimited per TV programme usage in the UK for only £350

For more information on IPC (Independent Production Companies) blanket licence click here.

What is the process of using Mode Production Music ?

In the UK

  1. Audition our music
  2. Log-in /  register on our site
  3. Download the tracks required as .wav or mp3 or add to My Projects
  4. Once you have chosen music for your production you need to make a note of the following information to apply for a licence  :
    • Track Tile
    • Mode Production Music catalogue / album number eg MODE001
    • Writer/composer(s)
    • Name of library i.e. Mode Production Music
    • Usage e.g TV, Radio etc
    • Amount used in your production (mins, secs)
    • To work out how much it will cost click here.
  5. To Licence the music in the UK you now need to contact the MCPS
  6. A detailed Step By Step Guide to Using Production Music is available on the MCPS website.  
  7. You need to register with MCPS as a production music user and apply for a licence.   

How long will it take for MCPS to process a licence application?

The vast majority of licence applications are normally processed within 3 working days.

What are the advantages of using Production Music ?

MCPS publishes a rate card for Production Music which enables users to budget accurately

Production Music is simple, quick and cost-effective to use

Production Music is available in a variety of moods and lengths to meet the needs of any production

There are no pre-clearance formalities in the use of Production Music

MCPS has an online licence application form that is quick and simple to use

Once a licence is issued by MCPS, all rights normally required are cleared

News & Events

UK & Ireland Distribution

We are very proud to announce Mode Music are now distributed in the UK & Ireland by BMG Production Music

21st October 2016


The track Eastern Breeze from MODE107 Modern Asia has been used in the movie Dallas Buyers Club, which has six Oscar 2014 nominations !

29th August 2016


The track "Time Will Tell" by Jeff Woodall from Minimals MODE110 has been used for an advert for the Microsoft Azure Cloud Service.

10th June 2016